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Modular Glass Partitions, Solid and Cladding Walls for Business Interiors


halumm Construction Technology Co., Ltd. is the company originated from Hannover, Germany and currently a leading total solution provider of pre-fabricated construction in China and around the globe.

GVA Interiors is an authorized distributor of halumm for Canada and the USA.


STEEPLE™ is halumm’s the most popular partition system, based on steel structure.

With a few standard components, STEEPLE™ can cover all requirements for a modern class-A office space.

Any combination of steel panels, wood or tempered glass can be installed along with a selection of doors.

Concealed cabling, acoustic and thermal insulation, or highest fire rating can be achieved.

STEEPLE™ brings prefabricated demountable modular wall system that creates convenience of having less waste upon installation and eco-friendly features.

Cost-effective STEEPLE™ also comes with its fast and simple installation.

Long-term benefits as fast re-decoration time and reusability, combined with fire- and acoustic insulation rating, makes it a superior choice and brings a success to your project.

STEEPLE™ Modular Solid and Glass Partitions Elements









Ceiling element with steel panel and insulation









Hook structure on wall panels allows easy set-up









Corner, outside appearance









Floor element with insulation









Receptor openings on frame structure









Easy-to-reach concealed cabling inside the panel

STEEPLE™ Modular Partitions Comparison Chart






















  Double Glass Panels Frameless Double Glass Panels with Thin Frame Solid Panels Cladding
Maximum  Height 5,000mm / 196.85” 5,000mm / 196.85” 5,000mm / 196.85”        (Double Keel System: 12,000mm/472.44″) 9,000mm / 354.33”
Thickness 104mm / 4.09” 104mm / 4.09” 104mm / 4.09”              (Double Keel System: 180mm/7.08″, 300mm/11.81″) 90mm / 3.54” or 60mm / 2.36”
Frame Structures 64mm / 2.36” 64mm / 2.36” 64mm / 2.36”                (Double Keele System: 136mm/5.35″, 256mm/10.08″)  64mm / 2.36″ or 45mm / 1.77″
Height Regulation ± 10mm / 0.39” ± 10mm / 0.39” ± 10mm / 0.39” ± 10mm / 0.39”
Insulation Triple rubber seal Triple rubber seal Mineral wool 50 kg/m³,      thickness 50mm / 1.96” Mineral wool 50kg/m³,      thickness 50mm/1.96”



Maximum Width 1,200mm / 47.24” 1,200mm / 47.24” 1,200mm / 47.24” 1,200mm / 47.24”
Maximum Height 3,000mm / 118.11” 3,000mm / 118.11” 2,700mm / 106.3”steel panel; 2,400mm / 94.49″ melamine panel 2,700mm / 106.3” steel panel; 2,400mm / 94.49″ melmine panel
Type Frameless double 6mm / 0.23” & 6mm / 0.23” tempered glass Framed double 6mm / 0.23” & 6mm / 0.23” tempered glass Steel 0.8mm / 21gauge+12mm /                  0.5” gypsum board Steel 0.8mm / 21gauge + 12mm / 0.5” gypsum board
      Melamine 18mm /              0.7” coated particle board  Melamine 18mm / 0.7” coated particle board
Fire Resistance     Steel panel with insulation up to 120min Steel panel with insulation up to 120min
Acoustic Insulation 49dB 49dB 53dB with insulation 53dB with insulation




     Learn more about halumm swing and sliding DOORS for STEEPLE™ WALL SYSTEM.

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