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EUROPE Reception Desks collection is created for office interior, hotel, shopping center and other interior spaces. Formed from angular and straight blocks of different length and height, it gives flexibility to work with and brings inspiration for designers.

Glossy surfaces, white frosted glass, mirrored plinth, and LED lighting perfectly combine with all the colors of wood, creating an ambiance and fit seamlessly into the interior. Various styles and finishes are available.

The simple and concise design of the front desk elements is emphasized by LED lighting installed on the work surface, behind a glossy panel and on the bottom above the plinth. Mirror plinth visually eases the entire design and creates an impression of floating desk.

Carcass Standard Decors







Light Acacia














White Premium














Merano Brown







Venge Magic Dark Brown

Front Panel Standard Decor







White Gloss 

See more available finishes in this catalogue: Egger Decors

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