Kam Creative Wall Clock


Size: 36 cm (14.2″)


Made in Italy


Lead time: 2-4 weeks


Link for KAM Clock configurator is available under Description.



Kam Creative has 5 colors to choose. One for the dial, one for the edge, one for the frame, one for the hour hand, and one for the minute hand.

Kam Creative is a collection of contemporary wall clocks designed in CalleaDesign, Italy. German mechanism, silent, reliable and works with an already supplied AA battery. Clean lines, quite and precise wall clock for modern offices or homes. The hands are made of metal, elegant and precise. Accessories and instructions for easy installation are included.

For each selection of the clock we can choose 34 available colors. You can see results of your combination using configurator here. Email us at with desired combination and we will place an order for you.

Additional information

Weight 2.12 kg
Dimensions 54.5 × 51 × 7 cm


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