Private Office Desks & Furniture

GVA Interiors’  private office product line gives designers choices to be creative, enables personalization for users, contributes to unique branded environments, and supports sustainability principles.













Minimalism, strict form, and ideal proportions are combined with a bold and original design solution, the basis of which is the form of trapezoid. A special character is given with the angle of the edge of the tabletop and base, giving furniture an extraordinary dynamic. The style of the collection is emphasized by the special shape of the black glossy facades of the drawers of the tables.

Lined with natural walnut or oak veneer, the elements of the Trapezio collection carry a real natural warmth of natural wood. The structure of the tree-decor is emphasized by the deep black color of glossy elements, black glass with a graphic pattern and mirrored plastic.

Every element of the collection, every detail is thought out and worked out with special care.

Bright, fascinating, and modern design. Clear simple forms. Advanced functionality. Modern materials and textures.

TREVIX presents an imitation of natural wood/veneer in combination with glossy elements. New technologies in the production of slab materials and laser edge cladding and its adhesive connection creates a monolithic appearance.

























The main distinguishing feature of the Smartex collection is its design based on the combination of a unique tabletop form of asymmetrical form and the ability to combine wood and white decor.

Modern innovative aluminum color LaserEdge application creates captivating 3D effect.

Smartex’ asymmetrical tabletop consists of two parts: the main and additional angle. Depending on the shape of the angle tabletop, two types of tables are offered: with a pentagonal or quadrangle extra tabletop. The tables are equipped with two wire passes located in the tabletop.


For the arrangement of the workspace, we thought out and provided all the necessary components: a convenient table, a side table with spacious sliding drawers, as well as a visitor table, a meeting table, a coffee table, mobile pedestals and various cabinets and racks. In all elements of the collection, there is a diligence and impeccable brevity of the design of the collection.

The originality of Sorento furniture collection gives the application of innovative material Eurolight  – it is a combined slab, consisting of strong outer layers and light, but at the same time a strong cellular filler made of cardboard.

The modern material Eurolight  with a large enough thickness (50 mm) is extremely easy with the preservation of all the technical characteristics of the slab of chipboard – strength, reliability, durability.

























PLATINUM Private Office

Modern architecture, based on the geometry of lines, shapes and materials, inspired the creation of Platinum furniture. Each piece of Platinum has a combination of functionality and elegance of simple forms.

Lined with natural veneer, elements of Platinum collection carry a natural warmth of natural wood. The structure is emphasized by the pure white color of the glossy elements.

To give additional contrast, tabletops and support tables could be presented in two colors and finishes: the outer part is lined with natural veneer, the inner white color.

WOOD & STONE Private Office

The collection includes the idea of combining two different materials – wood and concrete. The monolithic kind of “concrete” pillars of the table and the framing of cabinets give the furniture visual strength. The basis of the materials used is laminated chipboard.

Imitation of wood created by using brushed slabs (brush – embossment of the surface of the plate with imitation of natural veneer, wood).

WOOD & STONE collection brings a modern original design, simple lines and clear shapes, and combination of textures of different materials.

























Simple forms emphasize the minimalism of design and combine elegance and geometric easiness.

The wide range of components allow to create a variety of functional and practical workplaces. A large selection of tables, guest desks, side tables of different sizes and purposes allow designers to be creative.

A distinctive feature of VELS collection is the use of an innovative combined edge ribbon with 3D-effect.

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