halumm Construction Technology Co., Ltd. is the company originated from Hannover, Germany and currently a leading total solution provider of pre-fabricated construction in China and around the globe.

GVA Interiors is an authorized distributor of halumm for Canada and the USA.













M4 POD PHONE BOOTH seats up to 4 persons. Derives from partition system, halumm M4 POD is safe, durable and affordable.

Multipurpose. It may work as an office for one person by re-arranging furniture set-up. Provides needed privacy with noise cancellation features.

  • Exterior: galvanized steel panel with PVC film or powder coated color that is durable, fireproof and easy to clean and sanitize. 
  • Exterior comes in 2 standard colors: white and blue. Colors could be customized.
  • Interior: acoustic insulation with sound-absorbing felt interiors, such as honeycomb boards & acoustic panels and 4+4 mm laminated glass. Insulator: mineral wool, thickness 50 mm. It all works together towards creation of an instant safe private space, a quiet office area with noise cancellation features. It will not only prevent people from overhearing your conversation clearly but make sure you can hear the sounds from outside and any important moment will not be missed.
  • Powerful ventilation system with 6 fans. Air comes in from the top and goes out from the bottom and creates a positive pressure environment enabling long focus hours.
  • Ergonomically designed two extended soft sofas and size of the POD creates comfort for all users.
  • Duplex outlet with 2 USB charges built under the desk, LED light, cloth hook – all create a functional and thoughtful work area.
  • Movable with the help of 4 wheels.
  • Easy and fast installation. Four people can install it within less than an hour.

GVA Interiors can arrange transportation and installation services.

M4 POD Standard Exterior Colors














Standard White















Standard Blue



Delivery and Installation could be arranged by GVA Interiors. 

halumm M4 POD Interior









Stainless steel door hinges and hardware









Soft sofas on both sides of the POD & Waterproof and wear-resisting HPL table









Outlet that meets global demand with availability of American (UL), British, and European standards









Ventilation with 6 fans & air circulation. Available with filters









LED Light









Phone Booth Wheels (total of 4)









Clothes hook with ergonomic height design














H2200 W2200 D1246 or
H86.6” W86.6” D49.1”














Ventilation system with 6 fans. Air comes in from the top and goes out from the bottom and creates a positive pressure environment

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