Conference Tables

Meeting tables in multiple shapes, sizes and heights. GVA Interiors’ collection creates a landscape of varied surfaces to support working in a communal way and group conferences.













GVA Conference Tables Collection brings a unique design quality to shared spaces. The feel of a home office desk that warms up the work environment, from conference rooms to break-out spaces and office cafes. It adds a fun and unique personality to community spaces – from conference rooms to project spaces, studios, and dining areas.

Meeting Tables










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Trapezio Meeting Table echoes the idea based on the form of trapezoid. The large size and shape of the table, a special form of base increases the useful space and allow you to comfortably hold business meetings.









Flip-Top Fordable Tables

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Setting-up and flipping a meeting or a training area should be easy and organized. Flip-Top tables on 4 locking casters provide easy mobility. Fordable tabletop function allows to store tables with minimal use of space. Elegant and durable tabletops provide comfort and confidence in its aesthetics and maintenance. 









Smartex Asymmetric

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Smartex boardroom table distinguishes by a unique design and asymmetrical shape. Its edge is decorated by an innovative high-transparent acrylic with 3D effect. The composite table for meetings with a combined tabletop is designed for comfortable accommodation of 8-10 people. Two wire passes are installed in the central element of the tabletop. In the sub-table box, there is a niche for laying wires and an outlet block. The side elements of the tabletop are mounted on round metal corrugated base of aluminum color.









Europe Boardroom Table

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Europe meeting tables offer a variety of tables sizes, allowing to combine a few parts and customize based on table length needs. Joint base in the middle of tables create comfort and visible lightness of the conference table. 

LaserEdge technology use provides higher quality furniture with the following
• Stronger and longer-lasting
• Extreme heat and moisture
resistant bond,
• No glue joint offers antibacterial











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Smartex conference tables collection makes it easy to create a full-fledged meeting area as well as to assemble a conference table for the necessary length depending on the size of the room. The entire tables could be customized by combining separate parts to create a comfortable conference tables that gives completeness to the conference area. Head parts have round metal base of aluminum color. Two variants of conference tables are provided: with a groove (200mm/ 7.9” wide) and no groove in the center of the assembled system.









Europe Conference Table

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Desks of various sizes on metal supports are combined together in a convenient conference table. It makes it easy to create a full-fledged meeting room for a big number of participants.

There are two options for conference tables: with a gap of 200mm/ 7.9″ wide and for tabletops 600-800mm/23.6″-31.5″ deep.

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